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Large Scale Live Surveys

We deliver to the unique requirements of our media customers: peak performance and live results. Think millions of respondents in minutes.

Our mission
Why we do what we do

At Twister Research we choose, with every decision we make, to apply technology so it can help improve the quality of life, for as many beings as possible. Our mission is to bring people together through shared experiences; to empower them by making them heard and to help them find, reach and inspire one another.

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About us

Twister Research, founded in 2018, is the youngest member of the Twister Media Group, a family business with over two decades of expertise in live audience interaction services. We focus on surveys to enrich our customer’s content and the experience of their audiences. Twister Research was founded to build the future of Twister Media Group’s technology, to conduct ongoing research and develop scalable, highly reliable technology that is capable of delivering the peak performance.

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Sharing knowledge

We aim to generate meaningful results and insights for our customers and share knowledge by publishing our findings. On our blog you can find contributions from our team members about our projects, collaborations and the latest developments.

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We're hiring!

We are setting up a team in Amsterdam, where we’re looking for passionate developers and designers to join our cause. Together, we will be building a robust and secure software architecture from scratch, that is highly peak-scalable; think millions of interactions in minutes during live events.

Are you a team player who goes the extra mile? Have a look at current vacancies and check out our jobs page:

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