Twister Research

Twister Research, founded in 2018, is the youngest member of Twister Media Group, a family business with over two decades of expertise in live audience interaction services for media clients.

Twister Media Group was the first to implement live audience interaction applications in Europe, notably providing televoting applications for the Big Brother TV shows. In 2004, we launched the first Pan-European televoting platform. Since then, we annually enable over 120 million viewers in 40 countries to vote for their favorite performers in the Eurovision Song Contest. Over time we built longstanding relationships with these, and other clients.

This type of large-scale audience interaction is only possible with state of the art technology. It also requires a clear vision with regards to data-protection and privacy. Twister Research was founded to build the future of Twister Media Group’s technology, to conduct ongoing research and develop scalable, highly reliable technology that is capable of delivering the peak performance.

We focus on surveys to enrich both our customer’s content and the experience of their audiences, but also to learn from what people think. With this, we aim to contribute to science and constructive public debate. Especially today, this work is met with challenges, which we are willing and ready to face. We believe in privacy and serve to protect it. For example, by allowing our audience to exert full control over what they do and do not share.

Our mission is to bring people together through shared experiences; to empower them by making them heard, and to help them find, reach and inspire one another. We do this by connecting creators with their audiences by using data-driven tools that allow them to engage with each other; always transparently and in ways that are mutually beneficial.  

Being a young company within the resourceful Twister Media Group, gives us the freedom to innovate like a startup and the luxury to build on the network and resources of our sister companies. Having our funding secured enables us to focus on creating amazing products.

Next to our office in Cologne, from which we provide product development support and maintain customer relations within the German market, we are soon opening an office for our new development team in Amsterdam.